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Saturday of last weekend was quite a big night for us at Conker Events! It was the night of “Suzanne’s Big 6-oh!”, a 1960s themed party in Bath. We have been working hard on this event for a while so it was fantastic to see it come together and the guests have a brilliant time.

So we thought we’d take a look back and show you what made it just so 60s!


We sourced around 200 babycham glasses which was no mean feat but 100% worth it as this little touch helped build on the 60s atmosphere we were creating, as after all wasn’t it the drink of choice back then?!

Retro campervan photobooth


This was a very fun and 60s approach to a party photobooth that went down extremely well as it was different to just a classic photobooth.

Mannequins in Mannequin Legsminiskirts

When initially brainstorming ideas with the client, our Events Director, Jessica was thinking what was iconically 60s? One of the first things that came to mind (after The Beatles and “Flower Power”) was miniskirts. But how could they be displayed in a fun and striking way? Mannequins in miniskirts! The end result was brilliant; aside from the struggle of ensuring that the girls legs actually stayed on the tables and not on a poor guests’ lap!

Vinyl table plan

The event was kicked off back in July, with invitations on vintage vinyls being sent out to the guests. We were keen to carry on this theme so thought of making the table plan and place cards out of vinyls too, with tables being named our clients’ favourite 60s songs.

Peace Signs

Hanging floral peace signs

As well as the mannequins in miniskirts our other feature decorations inspired by iconic 60s things, were hanging floral peace signs that were actually created by our team at Conker Events, out of sports hula hoops and faux flowers! After many hours with a glue gun in hand, the final effect was amazing.

If you would like to see more about this event, please have a watch of our video (below) or follow us on Instagram @conkerevents or on Facebook for more photos!