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Having organised a wedding in December and attended three personal weddings last winter I have a new found love for winter weddings. Winter is such a romantic time of year….


It’s important to get the venue right for a winter wedding as the weather is so unpredictable. Obviously, it’s going to be cold but realistically, if it’s in the UK, the likelihood of it raining is high! Therefore, it’s important to have a venue that requires minimal time outside. It’s important to consider the guest experience and insure that if they need to walk from one part of the venue to another it doesn’t require too much time outside.

Decorations and lighting

Winter is the perfect time to max out with candles and fairy lights. So many people have fairy lights hanging around that they don’t want any more so be sure to set up a gumtree alert in your area so you can buy them cheaply or even get them for free. Tea lights are a must and transform a room. Make sure you get eight hour ones as the four hour ones will run out too quickly. Before doing that just make sure that your venue allow naked flames.

Colours and Theming

There is a fine line between using the Christmas period to your advantage in terms of theming and making it into a glorified Christmas party! Pine cones are great as they are free (as long as you don’t mind foraging!) and can be used in loads of different ways. I also love ivy as it hangs so beautifully but do be aware that it is actually bad luck to have at a wedding (if you believe in that stuff!).

Laura_And_Paul_ BaiAndEllePhotography-449


Make sure that your photographers have done winter weddings before because I’m told it is tricky to get good photos when the light is dim and it goes dark early. Photographers won’t mind you asking for examples of other winter weddings that they have done. The advantage of it going dark earlier is that you can get some amazing shots with smoke bombs- again, check this with your venue before going ahead with them!

Laura_And_Paul_ BaiAndEllePhotography-491

Food and drink

Mulled wine and mince pies seems like an obvious choice and I’d say it probably is! Why not!? However, be aware that not everyone likes the classic Christmas food and drinks so make sure there is an alternative. Bubbles are a must at a wedding and make for a very good alternative. People expect hot food at winter so make sure that you the food it hot and tasty! Personally, I’d stay away from turkey as people have normally had enough of it by time Christmas comes!


If getting married around Christmas is an option, then definitely give it some consideration. It’s a beautiful time of year and people are in the party mood. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you’d like any help or advice with your wedding!