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There is a lot that goes into planning a budget for a wedding. From the small touches to costs you may have not even considered, every part of a wedding is important to consider when determining a budget. As difficult as pinning down (and sticking to) a budget may be, there are ways to determine the general price range that your budget will fall into. Here are the five main components that will make up the majority of the costs for your wedding.

1. Venue

The venue is one of the most important parts of your wedding. It will set the tone and play a huge part in the theme for your wedding. The venue will also make up the majority of your budget so it is one of the first things you should consider. Remember when considering where to have your wedding, you are essentially looking at two venues, the venue for your ceremony and the venue for your reception. Take into consideration the price range of the type of venues you are looking at for both of these places.

2. Catering

Food is easily our favorite part of any day. Deciding what food to serve on your special day will be another important factor to consider when making your wedding budget. Determining budget for catering alone can be a complex issue because many factors need to be considered. Number of guests, how it is served, and type of food served all go into determining how much catering will cost. It is important to consider all of these when looking for a caterer as it will give you a more accurate estimate of how much the food will cost and how that will factor into your overall budget for your wedding.

3. Photographer

One cost that can easily be forgotten when planning is the wedding photographer. According to a survey conducted in the UK by, the average cost for a wedding photographer in 2017 was £1,480. There are ways to save on photographers, such as using a student photographer or a friend who can do photography, however remember one of the reasons why photographers cost so much is because they are professionals. A professional photographer will take the time to set up and edit the photographs after a wedding. So when laying out your budget don’t forget to consider the photographer.

4. Dress

If you have seen Say Yes to the Dress then you know, finding your dream dress does not come cheap. If you have a dream designer in mind as well, then your dress will cost even more. Your dress and where you want to get it from will be a big part of your budget. While there are ways to cut back on wedding dress costs, like using your mum’s old dress, or buying a second hand dress, if you do plan to go the traditional route of buying a wedding dress from a shop, it will put you back quite a few pounds. Take into consideration your dress and how you plan to purchase it when planning your budget.

5. Flowers

From the beautiful bouquets for the bridesmaids to the centre pieces of the tables, flowers can quickly become one of the bigger parts of your budget. You may be a person who only wants a small bouquet for the bride and the bridesmaids, in which case flowers may compose a smaller part of the budget. However, if you are looking to make flowers the centre pieces for your tables or are looking for flower arrangements to be a part of the decorations, floral costs will become a large part of your budget. Large floral arrangements can end up costing over £,1000. Take into considerations how many flowers you want when composing your budget.

The vast amount of planning that goes into a wedding can be overwhelming and trying to plan out a budget can seem daunting. However, by looking at these five areas and considering what you want for your wedding in each area, you will be able to get an accurate idea of what your budget will be and how you can prepare more for your dream wedding.

If you would like some help with your budgeting or any other element of your wedding then please get in touch with us!

Food can make or break an event. Bad food can ruin an otherwise perfect event and great food can be the highlight of a fantastic night. Everything from the type of food served to how it is served should be considered when choosing a caterer. But how do you ensure that you find the best caterer for your event? Here are five things to consider when choosing your next caterer.

1. Budget

The bulk of your budget is going to go towards food. The caterer and the price that you settle on will determine how much money you can spend on the rest of the event. When determining how much to spend on a caterer consider some of the following things: How much food will the event need? How do you want the food served eg. Table service or buffet? And what type of food do you want for the event? A steak dinner is going to be a lot more expensive than a pasta dinner. Think realistically about how much you can spend on catering and find a caterer that can match these criteria.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is an important characteristic of any caterer. No event ever goes completely according to the original plan. The number of guests change, venue arrangements change, and sometimes menu items need to change. It’s important to have a caterer that can work with and be flexible with these unforeseen changes. It is also important for the caterer to have flexibility in terms of allergies. Check to see if they have allergy friendly foods and alternatives to dishes for guests with allergies.

3. Size of your event

Before you can commit to any caterer you have to ask yourself this simple question: Are they able to handle the size of my event? While a caterer may have great prices and quality food, if they are a one-person company they probably won’t be able to handle an event for 800 people. On the other hand, a catering company that has their pricing model based on meals per person (for example £12.50 per person) may work great for a party of 20 people but not so much for a fundraiser with 500 people. Find a caterer that is compatible and capable of handing the size of your event.

4. Venue and Theme

As delicious as they may sound, ribs and barbeque may not go so well with a white winter themed party. When choosing your caterer its important to know what type of food would work well with the theme of the event. Also, another important aspect to consider is the venue. Is there room to set up a buffet of food? Does the caterer need more need heating containers that your venue doesn’t have room for? Before you book and caterer, make sure that they are compatible with your venue of choice.

5. Previous Events

Look at what type of events this caterer has done in the past. Try to see if they are similar to the one you are hoping to host. If they are then the caterer will probably have a good idea of what to do and expect. If not ask the caterer how they might adjust to encompass all your needs for your event. Also, if possible, talk to some of the people they have worked with in the past. Ask how their overall experience was and if there is anything you should know before you book them. A caterer’s past events are great indicator to see if they will be able to handle your needs and if you will have a pleasant time working with them.

There are many aspects to consider when planning an event but a caterer is one of the most important. The food can set the tone of the night and can create a memorable experience for the guests. Choosing a caterer can be challenging but if you choose the right caterer they can take your event to the next level. Remember these five tips when choosing who to make food for your next event and go ahead and plan your perfect event!