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How can you make your money stretch so you can plan the best event? Ideally you would have an unlimited amount of money to plan your dream event with your dream theme, however, more often than not a budget is what dictates the planning for an event. And when the budget is less than you were expecting an event can seem infinitely more difficult to plan. But how do you make the most of the money you have? While it is possible to successfully throw any themed event with a low budget there are certain themes that are easier to do than others. Here are three event theme ideas that please guests without breaking the bank. These could be used for celebration events, charity fundraisers or even corporate events.


A cinema theme is great for a lower budget because it offers opportunities to swap out traditionally more expensive parts of an event with cheaper options. Instead of a huge array of fancy desserts for the event, opt for some nostalgic cinema snacks like pick and mix and popcorn. Entertainment can be found in many different forms like charades, or a guessing game of which famous lines come from which films. Don’t forget to decorate with some homemade clapboards. A cinema theme provides the perfect opportunity to opt for some cheaper food, decoration, and entertainment options while still providing a wonderful experience for your guests.


Whether your sport of choice is football, tennis, or cricket, a sports theme is a great way to have fun high energy event without going over budget. Sports is a good low budget theme because the theme itself implies a more casual event.  Skip over some of the more expensive decorations and food and opt for their more casual counterparts. Choose BBQ food and decorate with different banners of different teams. Have people come in their favorite team’s kit. Choose to serve some of people’s favorite beers and ale’s over pricier cocktails. Entertainment can be as simple as a fun game of darts or some cricket in an outdoors venue. This theme is meant to be casual and fun, so don’t worry about spending too much and have a fun event.


If you’re looking for a creative theme for a lower budget event a cowboy theme might be a good idea. While more popular in the United States, this theme is still fun and entertaining but doesn’t require you to break the bank. You can take your guests back in time by having a hand made “Most wanted photo frame” that attendees can take pictures with for decoration or you can show clips from famous old western films. A cowboy theme also allows you to get creative with food. Nearly any food can be made into something to fit a cowboy theme.  Many of the decorations for this event, like hay or bandanas tend to already be on the cheaper side. If you want an event that stands out but doesn’t go over budget, then a Cowboy theme is a good idea.

While many considerations go into choosing a theme for an event, budget is by far the biggest factor to consider. It is easy to feel restricted with certain themes because of a budget. However, if the amount of money you have isn’t as much as you were hoping then don’t sweat because by choosing one of these themes you can give your guests a wonderful experience at an event they won’t forget without having to worry about going over budget.

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