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We recently planned an event that had an amazing theme, an enchanted garden. The 2019 Spear Clapham Junction Party was held in a beautiful church. We had the opportunity to turn this church into an enchanted garden and it was a dream. We’ll be giving you some tips and tricks on how to use an enchanted garden theme for your event!

Where to start

Start with looking up some inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram to get ideas on what you want your event to look like. Once you have done this, take a stroll near your closest garden or forest to get some real-life inspiration! Make sure to take photos or even real-life samples of what you want at your event.

Once you have this inspiration and have a better idea on what you have in mind, start gathering together some important details like the venue, the budget, the caterer, and much more.

Now that you have some more details together you can start looking at decor! At the Spear Party we went with an earthy colour theme. We had lots of green plants scattered about, white and tan decor accents, and purple up lighting.


When it comes to centrepieces for tables you can get as creative as you want. Anything from a bundle of candles surrounded by greens to a huge bouquet of flowers on a wooden stump would make for beautiful centrepieces.

Burlap and twine

Using burlap and twine are great ways to add to the earthly atmosphere. They can make the decor seem a bit more rustic and tie into the enchanted garden theme.  We used the burlap as table runners during the Spear event which was a great way to add some color and texture to the plain white tables. We also used twine to tie many things and incorporated them onto the napkins.

Using outdoor elements

Another tip is to use some outdoor elements in your decor such as twigs, leaves, moss, and wooden stumps. Of course, when picking them, make sure they are not dirty or all scuffed up. If you can’t find some of these outside don’t worry because you’ll be able to find them at craft stores or a florist as well! Placing these outside pieces with other decor like flowers or a lantern will help fit them in nicely.

Use lots of candles and light

In order to make your enchanted garden glow and look like a fairytale make sure to use plenty of candles and lights, the more the better! Clusters of candles on tables add a glow to the atmosphere and can add some light at the tables. Intertwining lights and leaves are also a must because they can help decorate some plain pillars or walls.

My final tip is to get creative with decor and use your imagination! Try to add some decor to most of the venue and fill up the empty space. This theme can be spun in a variety of ways so have fun with it! Once your done with decorating step back, enjoy the beauty of the enchanted garden, and enjoy your event!