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We all love wowing our guests with amazing decorations at our parties. But, more often than not, once the party is over, these decorations just get thrown out into the bin. Thus, here are some eco-friendly DIYs (Do It Yourself) decoration ideas for your next party so we can be a little kinder to the earth. (It will also prevent you from breaking the bank for a spectacular party!)


Confetti is a party must-have! Once thrown into the air, these little bits of plastic create a magical atmosphere that is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face. However, most store-bought confetti are harmful to the environment as they are made of plastic and are often just dumped into landfills, seeping into the oceans harming our environment. Thus, here’s a plastic confetti alternative that is 100% biodegradable and not harmful to the environment!

DIY Biodegradable Confetti

DIY Biodegradable Confetti

1.       Collect some leaves – the best leaves are those that are not yet completely dried out and crunchy

2.       Punch holes in leaves to create the confetti – Can customize them by using different coloured leaves and different shaped punchers

3.       Confetti cones can be made of pages from an old book – best if you were to use reusable jars or small buckets to save even more!

4.       You are set to go!

Paper Garlands

Paper ruffle garlands are an easy way to spruce up a venue and add a little flare! But these garlands are often expensive and won’t have much use after the party is over. Here’s a cost-effective DIY version that will do the trick!

DIY Paper Ruffle Garland

DIY Paper Ruffle Garland

  1. Mix paint with water
  2. Roll in the paper towel
  3. Let it soak for around 1 minute
  4. Once completely soaked, squeeze out the access mixture
  5. Let the unraveled paper dry in the sun for a few days (Alternative: preheat oven for a while and turn off. Before the oven is completely cooled, place the unraveled paper towels in to dry)
  6. Scrunch up the paper once completely dry
  7. String it through with a needle and thread (or yarn)
  8. Good to go!

3D Letters

Be it someone’s name, their age or just significant words in relation to the event, 3D letters can be a great way to decorate a space! However, these often come at a high price and usually have no use after the party is over. Thus, here’s a DIY alternative that you can create with empty cereal boxes or any packaging boxes, reducing overall waste!

DIY 3D Letters

DIY 3D Letters

1.       Uses old cereal boxes/ any used boxes lying around

2.       Unfold them till flat

3.       Trace out the letters you want twice (for front and back) and cut out

4.       Add used plastic cups/ more boxes/ toilet roll cores in between till desired width

5.       Measure the width and trace out strips of cardboard to line the letters and cut out

6.       Tape/glue them together

7.       Wrap in craft paper/ old pages from books/ newspaper/ anything you desire

8.       Repeat for all desired letters/ numbers/ symbols.


Not only can garlands be used to adorn a Christmas tree, they can be used to add a bit of flare to any venue or even added onto table centerpieces! Many garlands are often made with plastic beads or ornaments or even just plain tinsel. Here’s a cute DIY garland idea you can use to impress your guests and be more eco-friendly with.

DIY Dried Fruit Garland

DIY Dried Fruit Garlands

1.       Slice up some fruits (oranges/lemons/grapefruits/figs)

2.       Let dry/bake in the oven at 200C for 3-4hrs (fruits have to be dried out completely to prevent rotting)

3.       Once dry, string them together with twine. knotting the first and last slice securely.

4.       Add some leaves/twigs in-between for more variety

5.       Tie a few strings of fruit onto a sturdy branch to create a curtain or just hang them individually for a more minimalist effect!


Backdrops are essential, especially when you are setting up a photobooth at your next event/party. Most backdrops are used once and never used again, wasting the paper or fabric that was used to create it. This botanical DIY backdrop is super easy and will waste much less than normal backdrops!

DIY Botanical Backdrop

DIY Botanical Backdrop

1.       Collect some flowers/leaves that would not rot during the duration of your event

2.       Choose the tape you want to use (ensure it doesn’t peel off paint from walls but are strong enough to keep the flowers/leaves up)

3.       Arrange as you desire and once you are happy with the result, tape them onto the walls

4.      This backdrop can be used as wall decorations or as a backdrop for photos!


Another essential when it comes to setting the mood in a space, candles. However, it can be costly to purchase many candles just for one event and a lot of the containers the candles come in would go to waste. Walnuts shells can make a great replacement for those containers!

DIY Walnut Candles

DIY Walnut Shell Candles

1.       Collect empty half walnut shells (broken halves won’t work as well)

2.       Add a wick and pour in melted beeswax (essential oils can be added to melted beeswax to add a scent)

4.       Let harden

5.       Snip off access wick and you are done!

Being a little more eco-friendly with simple things from time to time can really make a big impact! Hope you enjoyed these simple DIYs for your next event! Check out our Pinterest board on eco-friendly decoration ideas for more inspiration and tag us @conkerevents if you ever do any of these DIYs as we would love to see them! If you want more tips and tricks for planning a great event, head over to our blog to read more!

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