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Tik Tok, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat: social media has a powerful marketing power to reach a wider audience. You may choose to promote your event using many different platforms, but you may not know how. Using too many platforms can be harmful, but so could using only one platform. Promoting too early can cause your audience to lose interest but promoting too late can limit your audience reach. So where do you draw the line? Here are three easy steps to make sure it makes your event and doesn’t break it.

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Consider your audience when picking your timeline on when to start promoting your event. If you have a set guest list, consider promoting your event 2-3 months before. If you don’t have a guest list and want to sell tickets or get as many people to come as possible, start your promotion 6-12 months before your event. No matter when you start promoting, make sure to always include a link to buy tickets or the link to the event’s webpage so guests are always directed the right way. Here are some easy ways to promote your event before the start date.

  1. Create a unique hashtag for your event so your posts can be easily found
  2. Create an event-specific webpage guests can refer back to for information
  3. Write blog posts
  4. Send promotional emails
  5. Draft and send a press release to news outlets (especially if you’re fundraising)
  6. For large events, reach out to influencers to increase your reach across social media

Pick platforms that your target audience uses. Younger generations use Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Twitter contrary to older generations that may be more inclined to use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Only pick the platforms that you think you will post consistently on and get the response you desire.

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Social media can be a great, interactive way to keep your audience engaged during your event. If you are having an award ceremony, you can post the winners on Instagram or even post polls on Twitter that attendees can click and engage with. Posting updates on your event or having interactive contests on social media can build an exciting environment and get people not attending to notice how cool your events are.

If you have a virtual aspect to your event, social media can be a great way to keep those guests engaged. Using Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook live streaming, Twitter polls or replies, Snapchat stories, and Tik Tok dances or hashtags are all ways attendees from home can feel like they are a part of your exciting night.

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Getting feedback is essential for your business and to improve upon your event planning for future events. Contacting guests via social media, phone, or email is important to get their opinions and thoughts on their experience. You can make a survey, a poll, or ask for general thoughts and comments.

In addition to feedback, thank your guests for attending and make sure they know your event management services are available for future events. These guests could be future clients and could help grow your business exponentially.

Virtual or in-person, Conker Events is ready to plan your next event. Reach out to us to start promoting your next event on social media!