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The venue is one of the most important parts of an event. Your venue could be a blank canvas or be the gorgeous background for the photos taken by guests all night. Your venue expresses what kind of night you want your guests to have. There are traditional venues that are always spot on to use for an event. However, thinking outside the box and using an unconventional venue can make your event even more exciting. Whatever you pick, we know that there are lots of options to fit your venue type and theme.

Conventional venues are your traditional site selections. When you think of a business conference, you think of a hotel ballroom. When you think of a birthday celebration you think of restaurants, bars, or lounges. Churches usually coordinate to weddings. Conventional venues are classic and timeless options to consider when holding your event. Conventional venues are great for adding lots of decoration, entertainment, and activities. You don’t need the venue to stand for much if you let the event stand for itself. Conventional venues also can be budget friendly, have experienced staff in event coordination, have a more central location with parking, and a space that can hold tables, a dance floor, etc.

Unconventional venues are the showstoppers. They are part of an event guests are not going to expect. They are unique and possibly unusual places to hold an event. Unconventional venues speak for themselves and could greatly add to the decoration of an event. Unconventional venues can be more expensive, and you may have to bring in more vendors and staff compared to traditional venues. Unconventional venues can also be affected by the weather, be harder to book, be less accessible for parking and entry, and have limited space for tables, dance floors, etc. Besides these extra steps in planning your event, unconventional venues have the novelty that a traditional venue cannot provide.

Conker Events will search for the venue best fit for your event, as unique as you may want it. Our research is extensive, and our knowledge of venues is even wider. Contact us to start planning your next event in an unconventional or conventional venue.