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We’ll admit. It has been a while since we’ve thrown a large, in-person party, although we do consider watching Love Island with our best friends a party as well. As the world continues to open, it will come time to celebrate and gather in large groups again. But after a year of lockdown, we don’t want to have any old party. We want something showstopping! Something to celebrate the fact that we can celebrate again in person. Here are some unique party themes that will make your party the event of 2021!

Lights, camera, action! Want a party with a formal dress code, but more creative than just a black-tie event? Have a Hollywood night where guests can act like they are celebrities for the night!

Image via Meeting Logistics

Why not embody Donna and the Dynamos for the night? Party like you’re in Greece with this classic movie theme full of bright colors, sequins, and great music.

Image via Delish

Ever wanted to meet Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley in one night? This party theme is a fun way to remember the icons of the last century and costumes make for an easy conversation starter.

Image via Private Island Party

This theme is perfect for a summer birthday or beach party! Tropical patterns, neon lights, and a DJ make for the perfect Miami night without flying to Florida.

Image via BizBash

We love casino themes, so why not add a little flare? Casino games, black suits, glamorous dresses, and martinis shaken not stirred are fit for a 007 themed night.

Image via Encore Event Technologies

Bring on the classic cars, the popcorn, and a showing of “Footloose”. Drive-in movies are a fun, classic venue for a party, especially when staying safe during COVID-19.

Image via Secret London

The ultimate party theme starts by bringing New Orleans to your event. Now is the time to break out the feathers and beads and dance until the sun rises!

Image via Party City

This party theme is perfect for the “foodies” of the world. Create a party full of cuisines, fashion, and décor from different countries so guests feel like they traveled the world in one night.

Image via Time Out

Dress like Audrey Hepburn in a black dress and pearls and attend an afternoon tea or brunch on a terrace. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the theme to be posh and wear all your Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

Image via Between Naps on the Porch

Why pick one decade when you can celebrate them all! From the 1920s to the early 2000s, guests will have a fun time picking out outfits and dancing to music from the last century.

Image via Banarsi Designs

The list goes on and on. Besides these ideas, you can make any party inspired by your favorite movie, television show, music artist, holiday, etc. A fun party theme pushes the limits for food, drinks, decorations, outfits, venues, and gift bags. Whether you have a small or large party, an amazing theme calls for an amazing night to come. If you have an idea but don’t know how to execute your theme, contact us! We are more than ready to bring your vision to life.