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The past year has changed the way we work including working from home or working remotely. Your home is comfortable to work in but can be distracting and even fuel your procrastination. We know the value of having a concrete workspace where you know you can get things done and maybe sip on a cup of coffee while you’re at it. Here is a list of places we found that are great co-working spaces, free spaces to work, or coffee shops to die for.

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  1. Canova Hall – 250 Ferndale Road, Brixton
    • Who doesn’t love bottomless coffee? Canova Hall offers a space called the “hot desk” for freelance work from 8:00 – 17:00 on weekdays. You can purchase a workspace for the day or buy a monthly membership!
    • Want food with your coffee? The restaurant has a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu with the most delicious pizza, salads, and more.
    • Fast Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working Hours: 8:00 – 24:00 (M-Th), 8:00 – 2:00 (F), 9:00 – 2:00 (Sat), and 9:00 – 23:00 (Sun)
  2. Java U – 195-197 Edgware Road
    • A North American and European fusion café.
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working Hours: 7:30 – 23:00 (M-Sun)
  3. The British Library – 96 Euston Road
    • This is one of the largest libraries in the world and the UK’s national library.
    • Access is free or you can get a reader’s pass for one of the spacious reading rooms!
    • Known as one of the quietest places to work in London
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working hours: 9:30 – 19:00
  4. Second Home – 125-127 Mare Street
    • Modern and trendy office space for co-working and freelance workers.
    • You can buy a day pass or membership
    • Onsite café and nursery services
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Other locations include Spitalfields, Holland Park, and Clerkenwell Green
    • Working Hours: 8:00 – 22:00 (M-Th), 8:00 – 21:00 (F), and closed Saturday and Sunday.
  5. Caravan – 1 Granary Square
    • Restaurant, bar, and coffee roastery with indoor and outdoor seating
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working hours: 8:00 – 22:00 (M-Th), 8:00 – 24:00 (F), 9:00 – 24:00 (Sat), and 9:00 – 22:00 (Sun)
  6. Glass House Brick Lane – 118 Bethnal Green Road
    • An LGBTQIA+ venue led by Glass House Projects including a bookshop café, a multimedia events space, and restaurant and bar
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working Hours: 9:00 – 24:00 (M-Sun)
  7. Southbank Centre – Belvedere Road
    • Largest arts centre in the UK which includes cafes and co-working spaces.
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working hours: Closed on Mondays, 12:00 – 20:00 (T-Th), 12:00 – 22:30 (F-Sat), and 12:00 – 20:00 (Sun)
  8. Coffee Works Project – 96-98 Islington High Street Battersea Power Station
    • Quiet café with fresh-baked pastries.
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working hours: 7:30 – 17:30 (M-F)
  9. Lighthaus – 11 Argall Avenue
    • A refreshing café with indoor and outdoor seating to enjoy.
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working Hours: Closed on Mondays, 9:00 – 16:00 (T-F) and 10:00 – 16:00 (Sat and Sun)
  10. Catalyst – 48 Grays Inn Road, Holborn
    • A classic coffee shop in a contemporary space.
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working Hours: 8:00 – 17:00 (M-Th), 8:00 – 23:00 (F), and Closed Saturday and Sunday
  11. Shoreditch Grind – 213 Old Street
    • Another delicious café you must try!
    • Other locations include London Bridge, Liverpool Street, Greenwich, Covent Garden, Soho, and the Royal Exchange.
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working hours: 8:00 – 17:00 (M-W) and 7:30 – 22:00 (Th-F), 9:00 – 22:00 (Sat), and 9:00 – 18:30 (Sun)
  12. Look Mum, No Hands – 49 Old Street
    • A bike-inspired café where you can get your bike fixed while you’re working.
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Working hours: 8:00 – 16:00 (M-T), 8:00 – 22:00 (W-F), 9:00 – 16:00 (Sat), and 10:00 – 16:00 (Sun)
  13. Shaman – 157 Tower Bridge Road
    • A modern, cool café complete with amazing coffee and juices and a lunch menu to devour.
    • Wi-Fi and plug sockets
    • Other locations include Leman Street, Dalston, and St. Paul’s Riverside
    • Working Hours: 8:00 – 17:00 (M-Sun)
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Of course, there is always the classic Starbucks, Costa Coffee, or Café Nero, but why not try something new? Finding a unique comforting spot could be the next best thing to working from your bed at home. There are so many places around London to enjoy the culture of the city, have a cup of coffee, or catch up with co-workers. Freelance work can be difficult, but these places will make you want to never work in a boring office again.

There is a lot to consider when planning table designs. Tables are all about the tiniest of details. Who knew there were so many shapes of glassware? We are here to help you pick out what you need for your event. We have experience planning tables for charity fundraisers, weddings, corporate events, and private parties. A table is an easy, unique way to impress your guests and pull your event together. Here is a complete list of tips and things to consider when planning your event tables.

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Photo via the Big Wedding Store
Photo via Pinterest/Etsy
Photo via Dress it Yourself
Photo via Exquisite Flowers and Decor Hire
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Photo via Martha Stewart
Photo via Chair Covers Candelabra
Photo via Event Hire UK
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This list just made planning tables that much easier! Whether you have family coming over for dinner on Sunday or have a large charity gala, the table brings people together to make memories and share a laugh. Contact us for more information on planning tables for your next event. We are happy to help!

We’ll admit. It has been a while since we’ve thrown a large, in-person party, although we do consider watching Love Island with our best friends a party as well. As the world continues to open, it will come time to celebrate and gather in large groups again. But after a year of lockdown, we don’t want to have any old party. We want something showstopping! Something to celebrate the fact that we can celebrate again in person. Here are some unique party themes that will make your party the event of 2021!

Lights, camera, action! Want a party with a formal dress code, but more creative than just a black-tie event? Have a Hollywood night where guests can act like they are celebrities for the night!

Image via Meeting Logistics

Why not embody Donna and the Dynamos for the night? Party like you’re in Greece with this classic movie theme full of bright colors, sequins, and great music.

Image via Delish

Ever wanted to meet Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley in one night? This party theme is a fun way to remember the icons of the last century and costumes make for an easy conversation starter.

Image via Private Island Party

This theme is perfect for a summer birthday or beach party! Tropical patterns, neon lights, and a DJ make for the perfect Miami night without flying to Florida.

Image via BizBash

We love casino themes, so why not add a little flare? Casino games, black suits, glamorous dresses, and martinis shaken not stirred are fit for a 007 themed night.

Image via Encore Event Technologies

Bring on the classic cars, the popcorn, and a showing of “Footloose”. Drive-in movies are a fun, classic venue for a party, especially when staying safe during COVID-19.

Image via Secret London

The ultimate party theme starts by bringing New Orleans to your event. Now is the time to break out the feathers and beads and dance until the sun rises!

Image via Party City

This party theme is perfect for the “foodies” of the world. Create a party full of cuisines, fashion, and décor from different countries so guests feel like they traveled the world in one night.

Image via Time Out

Dress like Audrey Hepburn in a black dress and pearls and attend an afternoon tea or brunch on a terrace. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the theme to be posh and wear all your Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

Image via Between Naps on the Porch

Why pick one decade when you can celebrate them all! From the 1920s to the early 2000s, guests will have a fun time picking out outfits and dancing to music from the last century.

Image via Banarsi Designs

The list goes on and on. Besides these ideas, you can make any party inspired by your favorite movie, television show, music artist, holiday, etc. A fun party theme pushes the limits for food, drinks, decorations, outfits, venues, and gift bags. Whether you have a small or large party, an amazing theme calls for an amazing night to come. If you have an idea but don’t know how to execute your theme, contact us! We are more than ready to bring your vision to life.

While the world transitions back into having in-person events, many people may not feel comfortable gathering in crowded spaces yet. Attending a large event after being in lockdown for over a year may be intimidating or overwhelming. While we are ready to jump back into in-person events, we understand that not everyone else is. Virtual events may look different, but they are great ways to keep in touch and experience an event while keeping you and others healthy and safe. Virtual events can expand your audience and inclusivity, save you time and money, provide flexibility, collect data for feedback, and can be a contingency plan. Here are some tips we have learned over the past year about having virtual events.

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Livestreaming via social media is the easiest way to connect with others. What makes a virtual event special is that the audience can interact with the event and not just watch the event unfold. Some platforms include YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Instagram, Facebook, UStream, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. However, there are hundreds of software programs to choose from including free and subscription sites. Keep in mind the capabilities of the platform; do you want your attendees to be able to have the video on and speak or do you just want them to be able to watch? Do you want everyone on social media to access the event or just a specific group of people? Many platforms can control the audience by creating a password for the event and some platforms can control the comment section. Overall a great event platform allows you to customize your event, engage with users, has minimal technical issues, has live troubleshooting or a helpline, has analytics reports, and allows live streaming or the uploading of pre-recorded content.

Screen fatigue can occur quickly and easily if you are not keeping your audience engaged. Some great ways to keep your guests upbeat and engaged are audience chats or breakout groups, Q&A sessions, polls, trivia or quizzes, games or competitions, or one on one networking. You could encourage your attendees to dress up or submit social media content that will be shown live on-screen at the event. Or some unique ways for audiences to participate online can be virtual escape rooms, solving virtual murder mysteries, interacting with a guest speaker, or participating in a leadership seminar.

Photo via Faber

You don’t have to keep your audience staring at a screen to keep them engaged. Many successful virtual events have involved physical activities or forms of entertainment. You could put on a virtual concert or comedy show, participate in health and well-being activities, do a cooking or cocktail class, watch a magic show, put on a scavenger hunt, donate hair or shave your head, create a DIY project, have a talent show or open mic, exercise, or create a dance marathon.

Just because your event is online, doesn’t mean you can’t personally interact with guests. Any easy way to do so is by sending gift bags to their workspace or home. This package can be sent before the date with goodies they can using during the event, or it can be sent after as a thank you or reward for coming.

Photo via Charity Digital

            Virtual events may look different, but you may find your friends or workplace prefers a virtual format. Virtual events are flexible, inclusive, and just as rewarding as putting on an in-person event. You may have to give a virtual hug to your friends and colleagues but keeping everyone safe and comfortable is worth it. Need help setting up a virtual event? Conker Events is here to guide you through the process.

         Can wedding season really be every season? We say, yes it can. There are benefits to planning a wedding in each season. A winter wedding can be white and mystical while a summer wedding can be tropical and outdoors. Weddings are all about the details from the venue to the food to the choice of a band or DJ. Picking a particular season for your wedding can heighten the experience or hurt it. Here are some pros, cons, and things to consider when picking your wedding season.

You’re not going to need a heavy winter coat for summer! Rain or shine, summer weddings are versatile in the venue, decorations, food, and more. The possibilities are endless! In summer, there are more hours of daylight, giving your ceremony and reception flexibility on start and end time. When night falls, the temperature gets more comfortable making summer the perfect time for night receptions. However, the summer heat can be distracting and difficult for both you and your guests. Additionally, flowers are in full bloom, vendors are ready for the wedding season, and more venues are open to hosting events. However, many people decide to have their weddings in the summer which can drive up the prices of hiring caterers, venues, bands/DJs, etc. You may have to book your date farther in advance and plan everything early to secure the items you want for your special day. Conker Events is here to help you do just that and manage all the little to big details.

Not many people are going on holidays in the spring, making it easier for people to save the date for a spring wedding. In spring, the flowers are blossoming and colours are coming to life, making it the perfect setting. The sunlight in the spring is less harsh so taking photos outside will not ever be an issue unless you are faced with a classic spring rain shower. Neutral and soft colours are a must in the spring including table décor, bridesmaid dresses, or flower colour choices. Like summer, vendors can be limited in the spring as couples secure their dates. Plan and book early to secure all the vendors you would like!

Winter is the perfect season to have hot drinks at your wedding, a fresh blanket of snow, and dimmed mood lighting or fireplaces. Your venue will be indoors, therefore you don’t have to worry about weather conditions during the ceremony or reception. However, you do have to consider the driving and walking conditions for guests attending the wedding. Snow and ice are pretty, but not when wearing heels. Another conflict with having a winter wedding is it can conflict with holidays and guests may be out of town. You’ll want to send your invites further in advance so people can book out time for your special day. Even though you may have to add an extra jacket or layer to your dress to stay warm, winter weddings are great because it is not the traditional wedding season which makes everything more affordable and budget-friendly. You have more creative freedom with winter weddings to experiment with dark colours or unique catering options. Your wedding may be better than everyone’s holiday celebrations!

Changing colours, falling leaves, and cooler weather starts in autumn making it a perfect time for a wedding. Autumn is dependable and has many possibilities for dark or light coloured themes, diverse catering options, and fantastic venue locations. Autumn has many of the same benefits as spring and summer, without the harsh conditions of wintertime. However, like winter, the holidays are approaching meaning people might have tight schedules and they might be saving money for upcoming plans. Get your save the date out early so guests can prioritize!

There are benefits to having a wedding in any season. Conker Events works year-round to ensure your wedding day is everything you have dreamt of. Summer, spring, winter, or autumn, we want to plan your big day.

The venue is one of the most important parts of an event. Your venue could be a blank canvas or be the gorgeous background for the photos taken by guests all night. Your venue expresses what kind of night you want your guests to have. There are traditional venues that are always spot on to use for an event. However, thinking outside the box and using an unconventional venue can make your event even more exciting. Whatever you pick, we know that there are lots of options to fit your venue type and theme.

Conventional venues are your traditional site selections. When you think of a business conference, you think of a hotel ballroom. When you think of a birthday celebration you think of restaurants, bars, or lounges. Churches usually coordinate to weddings. Conventional venues are classic and timeless options to consider when holding your event. Conventional venues are great for adding lots of decoration, entertainment, and activities. You don’t need the venue to stand for much if you let the event stand for itself. Conventional venues also can be budget friendly, have experienced staff in event coordination, have a more central location with parking, and a space that can hold tables, a dance floor, etc.

Unconventional venues are the showstoppers. They are part of an event guests are not going to expect. They are unique and possibly unusual places to hold an event. Unconventional venues speak for themselves and could greatly add to the decoration of an event. Unconventional venues can be more expensive, and you may have to bring in more vendors and staff compared to traditional venues. Unconventional venues can also be affected by the weather, be harder to book, be less accessible for parking and entry, and have limited space for tables, dance floors, etc. Besides these extra steps in planning your event, unconventional venues have the novelty that a traditional venue cannot provide.

Conker Events will search for the venue best fit for your event, as unique as you may want it. Our research is extensive, and our knowledge of venues is even wider. Contact us to start planning your next event in an unconventional or conventional venue.

Tik Tok, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat: social media has a powerful marketing power to reach a wider audience. You may choose to promote your event using many different platforms, but you may not know how. Using too many platforms can be harmful, but so could using only one platform. Promoting too early can cause your audience to lose interest but promoting too late can limit your audience reach. So where do you draw the line? Here are three easy steps to make sure it makes your event and doesn’t break it.

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Consider your audience when picking your timeline on when to start promoting your event. If you have a set guest list, consider promoting your event 2-3 months before. If you don’t have a guest list and want to sell tickets or get as many people to come as possible, start your promotion 6-12 months before your event. No matter when you start promoting, make sure to always include a link to buy tickets or the link to the event’s webpage so guests are always directed the right way. Here are some easy ways to promote your event before the start date.

  1. Create a unique hashtag for your event so your posts can be easily found
  2. Create an event-specific webpage guests can refer back to for information
  3. Write blog posts
  4. Send promotional emails
  5. Draft and send a press release to news outlets (especially if you’re fundraising)
  6. For large events, reach out to influencers to increase your reach across social media

Pick platforms that your target audience uses. Younger generations use Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Twitter contrary to older generations that may be more inclined to use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Only pick the platforms that you think you will post consistently on and get the response you desire.

Image via Entrepreneur

Social media can be a great, interactive way to keep your audience engaged during your event. If you are having an award ceremony, you can post the winners on Instagram or even post polls on Twitter that attendees can click and engage with. Posting updates on your event or having interactive contests on social media can build an exciting environment and get people not attending to notice how cool your events are.

If you have a virtual aspect to your event, social media can be a great way to keep those guests engaged. Using Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook live streaming, Twitter polls or replies, Snapchat stories, and Tik Tok dances or hashtags are all ways attendees from home can feel like they are a part of your exciting night.

Image via

Getting feedback is essential for your business and to improve upon your event planning for future events. Contacting guests via social media, phone, or email is important to get their opinions and thoughts on their experience. You can make a survey, a poll, or ask for general thoughts and comments.

In addition to feedback, thank your guests for attending and make sure they know your event management services are available for future events. These guests could be future clients and could help grow your business exponentially.

Virtual or in-person, Conker Events is ready to plan your next event. Reach out to us to start promoting your next event on social media!

Everyone has lost something during the past year. Many people were faced with financial difficulties as lockdowns began and the economy made some major rearrangements. Money has become even more of a touchy subject. You probably want to fundraise for charities and support important causes like COVID-19 relief funds or disease research. But how do you ask people for money when they are faced with financial difficulties? These are some unique ways you can contribute to charities and host events while money is tight.

  1. Plan an Unconventional Event

Not every charity event has to involve raising money. There are many alternatives to fundraising that you can plan for your next event. You could write letters to those in need, do a hair donation drive right at your event, have guests participate in a home or garage clean out and bring their items to donate, or have guests buy toiletries and other essentials to donate to shelters. There are lots of creative ways to help the community without asking for large sums of money. You’ll still be able to throw a fun event and get the community together for a good cause.

Image from

2. Give Out Party Favours

Everyone loves a good party favour. To increase your fundraising, put on an auction where guests can bid on items that they find valuable. You could also give gift bags or rewards to the guests that reach certain fundraising amounts. Having a personal goal and a reward will help motivate your guests and create some friendly competition.

3. Group/Organisation Donations

Get your neighbours together or your colleagues and work together to reach a fundraising goal! People may be more willing to donate if they know they are not on their own. Inviting businesses or groups to your fundraising event may increase your potential donations and make guests feel more comfortable with the process.

Resurgo Party 2019

4. Fundraise for Longer and End with an Event

Fundraising all your money in one night can be intimidating for guests who may be tight on funds. Start your fundraising two months to a year in advance so guests can make smaller donations over time and budget their expenses. Then, end with an event to celebrate everyone’s hard work and push to reach the end of your goal.

5. Make Your Event Inclusive and Accessible

Buying a new dress or suit for an event can be expensive. You could make the dress code casual to allow guests to use the money they saved to donate to your cause. Having a virtual and in-person option can also increase your event accessibility and widen your audience which will in turn increase your donations.

At the end of the day, your event will be impactful as you raise awareness for your cause or help a community out. The more you promote a philanthropic environment during COVID-19, the more people that will feel comfortable as they emerge back into spending money on donations. We are here to help you as you get back into fundraising and plan your next charity event. Email us to start planning your next fundraiser this autumn.

Before all the hustle and bustle of preparing for a party, a few things need to be determined. One of the main things would be the THEME! Having a theme for your party determines almost everything, from the decorations to the food and down to what your guest will be wearing. However, finding the right theme can be incredibly difficult, especially with all the amazing different themed party ideas out there. We here at Conker Events feel your struggle, so we have come up with the step by step guide to help you pick your perfect party theme.

1.      Consider your interest

Before being bombarded with other’s ideas on what would be a great theme for your party, take a moment to list down what YOU like. It would be easiest to make a list according to certain headers and listing it all down so you can refer to it in the future.

Headers you could use:

1.       Colours (Blue, yellow, white)

2.       Aesthetics (Bohemian, minimalistic, whimsical)

3.       Things I Like (Tacos, Space, Alice in Wonderland)

From these categories, you would be able to narrow down what you would like for your party and won’t feel so overwhelmed by the amount of theme ideas out there!

2. Do Research

Going on Pinterest and Instagram is a great way to find some inspiration for your party if you have no idea what you want. If you followed step 1, searching party themes according to what you have noted down can give you a clearer picture as to what it may look like once materialized. This would help you to narrow down your scope as to what your party theme would be.

3. Be Realistic

After doing all that research you may be overjoyed with the boundless possibilities your party could be! However, a reality check is (sadly) necessary when it comes to planning your own party. You would have to take many things into consideration.

Things to take into consideration:

1.       Budget

2.       Time

3.       Availability of items

4.       Resources

Once these are all in place you would be able to have a more realistic outlook on how your party will turn out to be.

4. Finalize your theme

After all these steps you should have a relatively sound idea as to what your idea theme would be. You would have you colour scheme, your overall aesthetic and all the small touches that make this theme your own. So, now its time to start planning that party of your dreams!

Hopefully this step by step guide helped you have a clearer view as to what your perfect party theme should be! Remember to tag us @conkerevents in your amazing party photos as we would love to see them! If you need any more inspiration you can head over to our Pinterest page and Instagram to see our curated boards or what we’ve done in the past. You can also head over to our Facebook page to keep up to date with all our latest postings and out Blog for more tips and tricks on how to plan your perfect party! Take care and have go plan your great party!

We all love a good party to let loose and have fun or to celebrate a special day in our lives. However, many a time these parties come at a high cost, especially if we are not focused on the budget. Here are 10 tips that will help you save on the next event you throw!

1.      Plan in Advance!

Planning in advance not only gives you sufficient time to plan out exactly what you want the event to be like, it will also give you more time to search for and find cheap items you can use as decoration!

Extra tip: If you are looking to book a venue for your event, booking early can even mean cheaper rates!

2. Use what you have!

Not everything has to be brand new for an event! Parties are often one day events that require so many decorations that it is just not practical to keep them all. Using what you already have can not only be a more practical way of decorating your venue but can also help you save a lot on buying unnecessary items! You can even head over to Pinterest or Google for more ideas on how to transform your everyday household items into beautiful decoration pieces that you can use!

3. Go thrifting!

Thrifting is an extremely cost-effective means of finding items for your next party. From small trinkets to curtains, thrift shops have many items that you can utilize! (and not to mention at a fraction of the prices found in shops) Although you may not find exactly what you are looking for in the thrift shops, keep an eye out for small interesting trinkets that you can incorporate into the design of your venue. These small touches can create an even more immersive atmosphere.

Going into thrift shops with an open mind is also crucial as even when there seems to be nothing you can use at first glance, looking at the items with a creative mindset can help you find things that you can easily transform into what you want! A scarf can turn into a table runner, a wreath can turn into a centerpiece! The possibilities are endless!

4. Visit Poundland (or any other bargain shop)!

These places may not be your go-to for event decorations, but you will be surprised with what they have. It is also a great place to get disposable plates, napkins, cups and utensils at a low price, saving you a lot of money! Many YouTube videos are also available out there to show you how to transform your Poundland finds into something that could be more suited for you!

Extra tip: Make sure to visit multiple different outlets as not all outlets carry the same items!

5. DIY it!

DIY-ing (or Doing It Yourself) can really help you save a lot when preparing for your next event. You will be surprised at how much you can save by purchasing a few materials and making it yourself instead of buying it from the store. Although DIYs may be time consuming from time to time, the personalization that you can do to the items would be well worth it! You can also make it a great family bonding activity to do these DIYs together!

Extra tip: Head over to our previous blog post for some eco-friendly DIYs for inspiration for your next event!

6. Shop Online!

Shopping online can have its many perks, including many discount codes! There are many websites out there which have discount codes available for you to use when you are buying online. You can even download those extensions that enable cashback or those that help you find the best discount codes to apply per purchase. Doing the shopping for your next event online can also allow you to compare prices from all over before making the choice to buy something. (Amazon has awesome deals from time to time!)

7. Make it Yourself!

No, it is not the same tip as tip number 5. Make it yourself meaning that you should make the food, snacks and drinks served yourself! Sometimes, nothing is better than a home cooked meal on your special day. Same goes for the drinks and snacks! No one knows you and your guests better than you! So why not make your own dishes and drinks and customize it to your own liking! Imagine, a personalized menu on your special day that not only blows your guests away but also saves you so much money! 

Extra tip: You can even take it one step further by making your party a pot-luck party with everyone bringing in their own special dish! (Or even better, don’t have your party at meal times to skip on providing food overall!)

8. Rent NOT Buy!

Especially if you are planning a large-scale event, renting your equipment instead of buying them can save you a ton of money! There are many companies out there who rent out party equipment for you to use for your event. From decoration pieces to wine glasses, renting all these items instead of buying everything for your event can be an incredibly cost-effective option.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Planning an event can be pretty difficult if you were to do it by yourself. Thus, we suggest that you ask around to friends and family to help with the decorations or food prep to help you take some of the lead of. Furthermore, you can ask them if they have any of the items you need, preventing you form spending more money on buying those items! It will also act as a fun bonding experience for all of you!

10. Plan your budget beforehand!

Last but no least, one of the most important ways to ensure that you save money on your next event would be to plan your budget way before doing anything else. Having a clear budget breakdown as to how much money you’ll be spending where would not only allow your event to be budget, but it will also help you stick to it! Knowing how much you have left to spend on certain items will often make you think more creatively, preventing you from blowing your budget!

Overall, despite all these money saving tips, it is just as important for you to have fun throughout the event planning journey. Money is obviously a crucial feature in planning such events, but it is important to not lose sight as to what it is this event is for, for you to have a great time with all you family and friends. So even if your decorations are not the best because of the tight budget you are on, or even if you blew your budget in the end, all that matters is the time spent with family and friends celebrating that special day.

We hope that these tips were useful and that you will have a successful event! Tag us @conkerevents in some pictures of your events as we would love to see what you come up with! If you want more tips and tricks on how to budget for an event, head over to our Pinterest board to find more money saving ideas you can use or head over to another one of our blog posts about budget friendly themes you can use for your next event.